Expressions in Rhythm Studio has built artists and dancers with purpose through health and wellness in Raleigh since 2014.  The brainchild of Creative Director Belinda Brown, a dance teacher from New York whose career spans over 20 years, Expressions in Rhythm Studio is a family owned business born out of a love for the arts with a dedication to serving the community. Our motto is Don’t fit in.  STAND OUT, and Expressions in Rhythm Studio does just that.   Expressions in Rhythm Studio was created to serve families in Wake County with professional quality dance and drum instruction to both recreational and competitive students.

It is the mission of Expressions in Rhythm Studio to provide both recreational and aspiring professionals within the arts with an education of the highest caliber and superior training to achieve a career in dance, drumming, and beyond. Our nurturing, professional, and expert faculty will help inspire, expand, and preserve its students (affectionately called Expressers) through our uncompromising commitment to artistic excellence.