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A native of Queens, NY, Belinda began her dance training at the age of 4 at Gloria Jackson Dance Studio, where she studied African, Ballet, Jazz and Tap.
A graduate of North Carolina Central University, Belinda continued her love of dance by becoming a dance instructor at Adele's Creative Dance Centre in 1992. 

Belinda has performed at New York City’s Theatre in the Park and has appeared on Good Day New York & Spiritual Awakening.  In 1993, Belinda expanded her African, Ballet, Jazz & Tap training to include Liturgical, and became the Dance Ministry Leader at Merrick Park Baptist Church in 1995. After moving to North Carolina, Belinda had an opportunity to continue teaching dance and in 2010, was appointed the choreographer position of the Redeeming Love Missionary Baptist Church Dance Ministry.

She believes in a positive approach to help Expressers learn and she delivers with a vivacious personality!

My daughter has grown tremendously since beginning classes with Expressions in Rhythm Studio. The terminology, for each dance discipline, is clearly outlined. This performing arts school has a very family-oriented environment and encourages community involvement. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone interested in exposing their child(ren) to structured dance instruction.

Toya C.


A native of Queens, NY, Pat began her career in 1968 working for General Electric as a Typist, working her way up to an Executive Secretary. 
After retiring from the corporate business sector in 1998, Pat opened Red Light Green Light Child Care Center where she prepared countless toddlers and preschoolers for social and academic success.  During this time, Pat also volunteered with the New York City Department of Education and served as the Children’s Choir supervisor at Merrick Park Baptist Church.

After moving to North Carolina in 2010, Pat had an opportunity to continue volunteering her time with the Wake County Public School System.  Pat is the eyes and
ears of Expressions in Rhythm Studio!  The James B. Harewood Memorial Scholarship, in which a High School graduate who is pursuing a post-secondary degree and is a student at Expressions in Rhythm Studio will receive a monetary award towards their college education, is named for her late husband. Pat is a mother of four and a grandmother of five.  Pat is a former Dance Mom and now Dance Mimi…not grandma 😉 who loves every aspect of the performing arts world!  


A native of Brooklyn, NY, Preston is a dedicated intellectual of Djembe as well as West African music.  Preston began his tutelage under Bradley Simmons, former
Music Director of the African-American Dance Ensemble and current Musical Director at Duke University where he teaches West African Music and History. Preston enjoys teaching traditional Djembe rhythms. He has performed at numerous community events where his love for drumming and teaching is appreciated by everyone. 

Technique and sound refinement is part of his curriculum, and he believes in an uplifting and unifying approach to help Expressers learn in his class.

Preston empowers his Expressers in cultural traditions!